Typical 12V Switch panel

We are able to offer a full electrical maintenance and repair service for all boat electrics, whether 12V, 24V or mains.  This includes conversion of American 110V shore power systems to UK 230V operation.

All work is carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with the relevant clauses of the BMEA Code of Practice, the NMEA 0400 Installation Standard,  ISO 10133 and ISO 13297.

See below for more details.

Full details of our marine installation service are available on the Installation page. 

Dual battery systems – our speciality is installing those more complicated systems such as charging 2 x batteries from 1 x alternator.  Do your nav. instruments and GPS go off or reset whenever you start your engine/s?  Does one of your batteries never seem to charge properly?  Ask us – we can install a cost-effective solution for your  boat using a combination of Voltage Sensitive Relays, diode split charge regulators, multi-output battery chargers etc.

We love our Customer’s boats and where appropriate and available we use the following products:

Cable – “Marine Grade Tinned Copper Cable” and/or “Thin Wall Cable” is used in those critical areas such as mast wiring and in the bilge where the wiring is likely to get wet. These types of cable are more resistant to moisture, abrasion, acid, diesel fuel and oil than conventional pvc insulated cable and are rated for use up to 105°C.

Hardware – Stainless Steel screws, nuts and washers etc.  Ordinary steel rusts very quickly and brass is too soft for most applications.

Shore Power Connection – We are one of the very few Marine Electrical Companies in the area that can also install your Shore-Power system, test it and issue a full Electrical Certificate.

More information on the services we offer can be found under the About Us link above.

Lo-cost battery Switch

We carry a wide range of battery switches and multi-switch panels either in stock or on quick delivery. Some typical examples are shown here.

Battery switch prices range from under £10 for a simple on/off unit to over £30 for a 0/1/2/both version.

Switch panel prices range from £22 for a 6-way unit with fuses to over £300 for a 12-way unit with circuit breakers, LED indicators and a meter.

High output Battery Charger

We also carry a range of 12volt battery chargers either in stock or on quick delivery.  Some typical examples are shown here.

Prices range from around £120 for a single output 10amp charger to over £300 for a three output 25amp unit.