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A guide to the A.I.S. Systems we offer

Improve your safety at sea with AIS. Receive AIS broadcasts from other vessels and display their location speed and heading on your GPS Plotter or PC. Most of the GPS Chartplotters we supply are AIS interface ready.

What is AIS ? The AIS system, Automatic Identification System, enables the automatic exchange of navigation data such as position, MMSI number, course, speed etc… over the marine VHF digital network.

We have written a “Buyers’ Guide to AIS”.  Click here to view.

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 Scroll down here for details of NASA AIS Engine, RX-100 AIS200, AIT2000, etc…….

Low cost AIS Receiver – complete system from Quark

We can now offer what is without doubt the best low-cost solution to fitting AIS available to the leisure boat owner.  It is the Quark QK-A024 Dual Channel AIS Receiver with WiFi and NMEA outputs.  The AIS unit receives both Class A and Class B data transmissions for viewing on a compatible plotter or PC.  There is an optional input for GPS to provide compatible devices with a position data feed.  The NMEA/RS232 output is suitable for connection to a compatible plotter (must be able to receive NMEA 0183HS data) PLUS the output is also transmitted via the built-in WiFi adapter to your on-board computer, laptop or phone.

Full details are available here.

Class B AIS Receiver – the AIS100 from Digital Yacht

These value priced, entry level AIS receivers are Digital Yacht’s most cost effective solution for adding AIS to your boat.  The AIS100 is a great entry level AIS receiver for use with existing AIS compatible chart plotters such as the latest Garmin, Raymarine, Navico, Standard Horizon and Furuno units.

Connected to an existing VHF antenna (via a splitter) or dedicated AIS antenna, you can receive all AIS targets within 20 miles of your boat*.

    *      High performance dual channel AIS receiver for use with existing plotter and radar systems

    *      High Speed NMEA output (38,400 baud)

    *      Requires VHF antenna (or dedicated AIS antenna available as optional accessory)

    *      Low cost entry level AIS receiver

    *      Small black box solution 105mm x 72mm x 31.5mm (L x W x D)

Also – USB version – the AIS100USB

Similar specification to the AIS100 but with USB output in place of NMEA output – great for connection direct to your PC.

   *      Supplied with AIS Lite software on CD

Both models are supplied with mounting brackets, 0.75m Power/Data cable and instruction manual

–  £152.95 inc VAT (plus carriage)

Also available, is the AIS200PRO model,

similar to the AIS100 above but with additional USB PC output – allowing simultaneous connection to PC and plotter systems. The NMEA data input has a multiplex facility – connect the NMEA (4800 baud) output of your GPS to the AIS200PRO and it will automatically multiplex (merge) the slower GPS data with the high speed AIS data and transmit everything on the high speed NMEA output (38,400 baud) – perfect for connection to a chart plotter with only one NMEA input. Small black box solution 150mm x 150xx x 37.5mm (L x W x D).

All for £204.95 inc VAT (plus carriage)

* NOTE – AIS target range, like VHF range is dependent upon a number of installation factors such as; antenna gain, antenna height and size of ground plane. Ranges in excess of 20 miles may be possible.

Class B AIS Transponder – Digital Yacht AIT2000

The AIT2000 is a full CLASS B AIS transponder that sends and receives AIS data so your position, course, speed, heading and identity are transmitted to other AIS users as well as receiving other CLASS A and CLASS B data transmissions for viewing on a compatible plotter or PC charting system.  It has a built in GPS receiver to provide compatible devices with a position data feed and a dual channel receiver for the AIS data.The AIT2000 has replaced the AIT1000 and has NMEA2000,NMEA0183 & USB outputs for connection to compatible plotter or PC charting system.  Supplied complete with GPS antenna – our website price is  £530.40 inc VAT (plus carriage) [A suitable VHF antenna is also available at £49.50.]

Follow this link to purchase – eshop/ais

See and be seen – for a price similar to that of a radar reflector plus AIS receiver, you can now have a complete AIS Transponder so that commercial shipping can see you on their display. Be safe, not sorry.

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