Digital Yacht AIT1500 N2K Class B AIS Transceiver with Internal GPS Antenna


“An easy to install Class B AIS transponder with plug ‘n play NMEA 2000 interface. Built in GPS antenna and ideal for use on smaller yachts and boats like RIBs and center consoles.”

The AIT1500N2K is a Class B AIS transponder with built in GPS antenna to make installation as easy as possible. The super sensitive design allows below deck mounting on GRP boats such as small yachts, RIBs and center consoles and cuts down on antenna clutter. It connects to your boat’s electronics via a plug ‘n play NMEA 2000 connection and power is also taken from the NMEA 2000 backbone. Simply connect a VHF antenna (or use one of our AIS-VHF antenna splitters) and you’re equipped with Class B AIS.

Once installed, your AIS compatible plotter will show an overlay of targets and you’ll transmit your position every 30 seconds when underway to other AIS users. There’s also a USB interface for PC/MAC connectivity which can be used for programming the transponder with your boat details.

The AIT1500N2K features a waterproof and tough enclosure with 4 LED indicators to show the status of the transponder.


  • Shares the same latest generation AIS technology as the DY AIT2000 and AIT3000 units
  • Plug and Play NMEA2000 interface (takes power from network)
  • Compatible with all AIS ready chart plotters
  • Internal GPS antenna for easy installation on fibreglass (GRP) hulled boats
  • Built-in high performance 50 channel GPS receiver (ideal also as a backup GPS)
  • USB Interface for simple plug and play connection to a PC or Mac
  • Requires VHF antenna or dedicated AIS antenna or splitter (both available as optional accessories)
  • Supplied with programming software for PC/Mac and SmarterTrack Lite for Windows
  • Easy to install black box solution

What is AIS?

The marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a location and vessel information reporting system. It allows vessels equipped with AIS to automatically and dynamically share and regularly update their position, speed, course and other information such as vessel identity with similarly equipped craft. Position is derived from a GPS system and communication between vessels is by VHF digital transmissions (on channels specifically allocated within the normal marine VHF spectrum). A sophisticated and automatic method of time sharing the radio channel is used to ensure that even where a large number of vessels are in one location, blocking of individual transmissions is minimised with any degradation of the expected position reporting interval indicated to the user. Even if the unit suffers extreme channel overload conditions it will always recover to normal operation.

There are two classes of AIS unit fitted to vessels – Class A and Class B. In addition, AIS base stations may be employed by the Coastguard, port authorities and other authorised bodies. AIS units acting as aids to navigation (A to Ns) can also be fitted to fixed and floating navigation markers such as channel markers and buoys. Class A units are a mandatory fit under the safety of life at sea (SOLAS) convention to vessels above 300 gross tons or which carry more than 11 passengers in International waters. Many other commercial vessels and some leisure craft also fit Class A units. Class B units are currently not a mandatory fit but authorities in several parts of the world are considering this. Class B units are designed for fitting in vessels which do not fall into the mandatory Class A fit category. The Digital Yacht AIT2000 is a Class B unit.

Connect to a plotter or PC to view AIS targets…

Connect the AIT1000 to an on board PC or plotter compatible with AIS data and you’ll get a detailed overlay of all targets within range onto the display. See the vessels position, course, speed, heading, previous track, length, beam and identity (MMSI, callsign and name).

Class A systems may also show IMO number (if known), navigational status, rate of turn, draught, cargo type, destination and safety related messages. Many systems can then calculate CPA (closest point of approach) and TCPA (time to CPA) for a selected target. AIS systems offer ranges of up to 20-50 miles – typically similar to the maximum ranges expected from normal VHF voice communications. AIS systems complement radar and plotter systems with positive target identification and greatly improve ship safety and security with reduced risk of collision.

Digital Yacht AIT1500N2K Class B AIS Transponder

– our price only £525.00 inc VAT and built-in GPS antenna.

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See and be seen – for a price similar to that of a radar reflector plus AIS receiver, you can now have a complete AIS Transponder so that commercial shipping can see you on their display. Be safe, not sorry.

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